• Mickaël: BMC Remedy Consultant

I was recruited via a PhD candidate day. My integration within the company was very fast. From day 1, my training on Asset Management and tools used by Sapiens started with the help of senior colleagues.

It took me two months to get specialized in Remedy thanks to the help of an experienced consultant. From there, I could start my own missions with the clients.

The diverse missions I had were tailored to my professional profile, which allowed me to succeed in many tasks, such as technical tasks, functional and managerial tasks. Furthermore, I learnt a lot thanks to the different industries I worked in, such as insurance, transport, banks, etc…

In-between two contracts, I used that time to strengthen my skills through training. I had the opportunity to pass certifications.

At Sapiens, I learnt a lot in terms of technical knowledge. It was not only that knowledge I am thankful for. It is also the human values and the help from my colleagues that was highly noticeable. I do not think I would have been able to be good for the job that fast if it was not for my colleagues. It is a good environment to work in.


  • Antoine, PHP Developer

I got hired right after I completed my studies. Thanks to my experience at Sapiens, I learnt all my professional knowledge and know-how and developed my skills.

Both at Sapiens’ or at the clients, two contracts or at the clients’, I was lucky enough to have really interesting projects. I had the opportunity to work with large industrial companies as well as communication agencies. When at Sapiens’, I had the chance to work for clients’ by developing platforms on very interesting Web projects.

Trainings made it possible to improve my technical skills. In a young and dynamic company like Sapiens where team work is enhanced, it is possible to develop professionally. And this is the case for me.


  • Cédric, Senior Remedy and Asset Center Consultant

“A Job, a challenge, a passion”

I currently hold a senior consultant position at Sapiens. My specialization is around technologies that implement ITIL. I am very happy to share my experience. Hopefully, this will arouse your curiosity about IT service management and it will show you that when you start a job, your expectations can easily be reached if not overcome when you work in a helpful and dynamic company like Sapiens.

Sapiens is a human-scale company. They offer their employees the real possibilities to have an actual career plan.

When I look at what I had done and the goals I have reached, I think it perfectly summarize the essence of Sapiens. The career plan they offer aims at finding a balance between employees’ expectations and reality of the market thanks to a constant technical surveillance of the market. Trainings always match my expectations, which gave both Sapiens and I the chance to be on the same page.

At Sapiens, I have a real passion for my job, which requires technical and functional skills on IT management tools.

I have had many different missions in terms of industry, project, responsibilities with high quality commitment, such as technical workshop management, writing of technical specification, solution integrations, consulting in the IT infrastructure, solution modification according to clients’ needs, etc…

In this company, human qualities as well as interpersonal skills are crucial as we deal with the clients.

Integrating these tools start with a study of ITIL processes as they are implemented “out of the box”. By ITIL processes, the functional dimension is assumed as well as the organization logic. Because IT service management is a major concern for each IT department as it impacts the business, there are so many people dealing with such projects. As far as I am concerned, the commitment shown by the clients is the key factor for success. Each project requires both parties to be committed to the project. The relationship with the client is really important in such project. From that perspective, the technical and functional aspects can work well.

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